Calling all POKEMON GO gamers...

Pokemon are like criminals… we “gotta catch ’em all”, but we’re asking people not to lose sight of the real world and the laws in place when they are out and about on the hunt for Pokemons.

– Don’t make yourself vulnerable. Don’t be tempted to take your phone out in busy or unlit areas where you could be a target for thieves
– Concentrate on dangers around you and be careful when crossing the road – don’t just focus on your phone
– Don’t go to isolated areas alone
– Never play the game while driving
– Don’t trespass on private property
– Parents: ensure you know where your child is at all times

Chief Inspector Nick McLain said; “This game has really captured the imagination of people all over the country, myself included. We don’t want to discourage people having fun, however, we do want to make sure that they’re doing so safely and legally.

“Please take care when playing the game and make sure that you are still concentrating on the environment around you, being mindful of any potential dangers it could pose.”

Source:: Gwent Police News

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