DETECTIVE BLOG: Find out the latest in Newport and Monmouthshire with DI Justin O'Keefe...

As a Detective Inspector covering Newport and Monmouthshire, I am pleased to be able to provide further details of some recent significant successful cases where my team have displayed excellent teamwork and strong investigative skills to target prolific offenders.

Our aim is always to deal with those who cause the most harm within communities by working with our partner agencies and neighbourhood policing teams to achieve results.

The team are continually set objectives to actively target persons who blight our communities by committing offences such as burglary, robbery, crimes of violence and cases where gang related violence and drug dealing have caused significant anti-social behaviour.

These objectives are then shared with our partner agencies to ensure these repeat offenders are convicted and ultimately placed on a scheme where they can be better monitored and supported.

All the team have a similar and important role to play and all staff, including myself, are expected to get out and about to make a difference to the communities of Gwent.

Recently the team arrested, charged and remanded a prolific burglar who had been seeking to evade capture for many weeks.

Through constant attempts to arrest him at the homes of family and friends, he eventually gave himself up and was charged on suspicion of eight dwelling burglaries.

This result was testament to the hard word and determination of everyone in the team working on the case.

Many people may have seen in the media in recent weeks, persons in the Newport area have recently charged and remanded after being suspected of being responsible for significant criminality involving class A drug supply.

Others have also been targeted and they too have been arrested and charged with a variety of offences.

This has helped to convey the message to local communities that we will continue to try and support you and target those causing the most harm.

Also, this sends a strong message to those who choose to engage in such criminality that we will do our utmost to catch you.

The team have also played a significant role in the investigation of a male person who committed two armed robberies in the Newport area, targeting betting shops.

A male has now been arrested, charged and remanded on suspicion of the two robberies.

Our efforts will continue to target prolific offenders in a proactive manner, seeking to concentrate on the most serious offences, working with our communities and partner agencies to achieve this.

By targeting these offenders we can see the value it provides both economically but also ensuring that the communities we choose live in are a better and safer place to be.

Many thanks for your support,

Detective Inspector Justin O’Keefe

Source:: Gwent Police News

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