Don’t be left out of pocket this weekend…

If you’re heading out for a coffee or to a pub or club later in the evening this weekend, Newport and Monmouthshire officers are warning to keep your valuables safe.

This advice comes after 21 thefts of handbags, purses and phones in the last week in the Newport and Abergavenny areas. Items have been stolen from cafes and pubs whilst left on tables or from bags hanging on the backs of chairs.

Inspector Richie Blakemore explained, ‘We want everyone to enjoy their weekend without worrying about your valuables being stolen. Don’t leave purses and phones out on a table, put them in a pocket or bag. Try not to leave your coat or bag hanging on the back of your chair where you might be unaware that someone is rifling through your pockets.

“If you do think that someone is acting suspiciously while you are out and about, please call 101 to report it and let staff know. Thanks for your support.”

Source:: Gwent Police News

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