Download crime figures rock!!!

Leicestershire Police is pleased that only 60 crimes have been reported to them by people who went to the Download rock festival this year – a reduction of 35% compared to 2014.

Crime has now fallen, year on year, for three years and figures are at a five year low. Last year 92 crimes were reported to the police which was a 69.8% reduction on the year before that (2013).

2011 – 159
2012 – 195
2013 – 301
2014 – 92
2015 – 60

Of the 60 offences reported this year (2015), the majority of those were theft from motor vehicle – 18 reports compared to 4 last year. There were 5 theft from tents compared to 53 last year – a decrease of 90.5%. Officers took 11 reports of theft from person compared to 10 in 2014. There were 13 reports of general theft (compared to 11) and 2 people were dealt with for drug offences three less than 2014. 17 people were arrested. (see below for detailed breakdown)

Between Wednesday 10 June and Monday 15 June, 80,000 people arrived at Donington Park in North West Leicestershire to enjoy 100 bands on five stages. 45,000 people camped. Two innovative new schemes were introduced this year which may have had an impact on crime. Live Nation introduced cashless RFID technology which meant there was very little cash on site and the police trialled facial recognition technology although the results of the effectiveness of that trial is subject to a separate report.

Detective Inspector Matt Ditcher, who was in charge of the crime prevention strategy this year, said; “Crime at Download has always been low but this year has been really exceptional. When you consider that 80,000 people flood into North West Leicestershire over five days almost doubling the size of its population it is incredible that so few crimes have been reported to us.

“The figures reflect the hard work and cooperation that goes on between the police, Live Nation and their security company Showsec. We work and patrol together to prevent people falling victim to crime either by encouraging them to keep their belongings safe; carrying out proactive joint patrols or by identifying and removing people who are acting suspiciously. It’s obvious that our strategy works really well and has been a great success.”

Download Festival Director John Probyn said; ‘We are absolutely thrilled that crime figures have fallen again at this year’s Download Festival. We work tirelessly with Showsec and the Leicestershire Police every year to ensure we provide the safest environment for our fans to enjoy 5 days of nothing but fun and great music. These figures are not only testament to the strength and effectiveness of that partnership and the initiatives we introduce to keep fans safe each year, but also to our incredible community of Download festival goers.’

“We are continually looking to raise the bar higher with our operations, but achieving further progress in this instance presented quite a challenge for us,” explained Showsec Director Simon Battersby, the Festival Director of Security.

“This was due to the reduction in crime being so high in 2014 and also due to this year’s Download attracting a considerably higher turnout, both in terms of the large numbers who attended the festival and those who populated all the campsites.

“It’s a measure of the close liaison which we have developed with Leicestershire Police that together we were able to achieve another significant reduction.”

Source:: Leicestershire Police News

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