Free tamper-proof screw fitting event in Beaumont Leys

Motorists are invited to attend a free vehicle security event in Beaumont Leys on Thursday 20 July, to help protect their vehicles against number plate theft.

The event which forms part of the forces Safer Summer campaign, aims to educate motorists on the importance of vehicle safety and security.

The campaign, which launched in July, concentrates on five key areas based on crimes that normally peak during the summer months: online safety, burglary, antisocial and nuisance behaviour, personal safety and vehicle.

Officers will be joining forces with Leicester City Council to fit tamper-proof screws to motorists’ number plates.

Event organiser PC Adam Woolman, a Neighbourhood Officer for Beaumont Leys said: “We are working in partnership with the local council to help protect motorist from number plate theft. By fitting tamper-proof screws to your vehicle it can help to reduce the chances of your number plates being stolen. Thieves could use stolen number plates to conceal the identity of vehicles used in further crimes. The design of the screws makes them virtually impossible to remove.

“All motorist have to do is turn up to the event and we will fit tamper-proof screws to vehicle number plates free of charge, giving you a piece of mind that your number plates are secure and you have taken the steps to reduce the risk of having them stolen.”

Officers will also be giving out a small crime prevention goodie bag including general vehicle security advice and a vehicle security kit, to those attending and completing a short consultation form.

Motorists are encouraged to attend the event which is taking place at Beaumont Shopping Centre, in the corner carpark, opposite the petrol station, between 10am and 3pm.

Funding for the event has been provided by the Beaumont Leys Ward Community Funding, from Leicester City Council.

For more information on staying safe this summer visit our Safer Summer page or follow #SaferSummer on our social media accounts.

Check out our events page for further Safer Summer events in your communities.

Source:: Leicestershire Police News

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