GREAT RESULT: NP19 Tyres in Newport now boarded up

A garage in Newport was boarded up yesterday, after Gwent Police officers obtained a closure order from Newport Magistrates Court.

During the court hearing, Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer, Leanne Pole presented evidence that NP19 Tyres on Cromwell Road in Newport, was connected with anti-social behaviour and alleged criminal activity, including the supply of class A drugs.

PC Pole and other officers presented evidence to the Court showing that people frequenting the garage were loitering outside and riding off-road bikes to and from the garage, which are believed to be connected to the supply of illegal drugs. High powered vehicles, namely Lamborghinis, have been seen driving at speed around the area and it is thought that these were being stored at the garage when not in use.

It was also alleged that those using the garage have been involved in noise nuisance, intimidation and the throwing of missiles at police officers and their vehicles.

PC Leanne Pole, Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer for Newport City Centre said: “We are pleased with this result and hope that this closure relieves the anti-social behaviour issues for local residents who have had to endure this behaviour.”

Neighbourhood Inspector Sarah Davies said: “Everyone has an absolute right to live in peace and any behaviour that compromises this, will not be tolerated. I hope this makes our community feel safer. Thank you to everyone who has helped in achieving this result.”

The local Councillors for the area, also passed on their praise on hearing the news of the closure:

Councillor Allan Morris said: “This is an excellent result for local police working together with our community to keep us all safe. It’s heart breaking to see some of our younger generation being used to facilitate drug supply and causing anti-social behaviour.”

Councillor Ken Critchley added: “Thank you for the endless support shown by the local Policing Team in dealing with this vital issue that affects the whole community.”

As a result of this order, the property has been secured. Steel shutters have been installed at the premises and the garage will remain boarded up for a minimum of three months. During this time anyone who attempts to enter this property, can be arrested by police.

Source:: Gwent Police News

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