Hip hip hooray for bionic Brodie

A Devon and Cornwall Police puppy has a new lease of life after undergoing a specialist operation of his own.

German Shepherd Brodie has been fitted with two new hips to overcome a debilitating condition.

The 16-month-old dog was born with chronic hip dysplasia, an abnormal development and growth of both hip joints which causes increasing pain and discomfort.

It has meant that Brodie, who is part of the Force’s dog breeding programme, has been unable continue training to be a police dog for the time being.

But he is getting back on his feet thanks to two successful operations since February to fit an artificial ball and socket joint in each hip.

The surgery was carried out by veterinary orthopaedic specialist Peter Attenborough at St David’s Veterinary Hospital in Exeter.

Canine Development Officer Paul Glennon said both operations had gone well and Brodie is well on the road to a full recovery.

“The operations were a great success and we are delighted with Brodie’s progress so far. Both of his hips were abnormal, meaning that this friendly and uncomplaining dog would suffer increasing pain as he grew,” he said.

“Brodie was brought into the world by the breeding programme run by Devon and Cornwall Police. When his hip dysplasia became apparent our duty of care to Brodie meant that our immediate objective was to ensure that he was able to lead a normal life.”

Brodie is now recovering at home in Cornwall with his volunteer puppy walkers.

Paul added: “He healed nicely after the first operation and is expected to be fully recovered in about eight weeks. Watching him in pain beforehand and seeing him after the operation, the decision to put him through the surgery was the best I ever made.

“Within a matter of days after each operation he was pain free and moving around freely. He just needs to slowly rebuild the muscle he has lost.

“We have been told that Brodie can expect to be as fit and well as any dog and there should be no reason why he cannot go on to become a working dog. He certainly has the right spirit and temperament!”

Brodie will be the guest of honour with the police dog handlers at the Force marquee at this year’s Devon County Show for anyone who wishes to meet him.

Source:: Devon and Cornwall Police News

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