INSPECTORS BLOG: Catch up with latest in Newport West with Inspector Richard Blakemore

Hello again all,

We are now just four months into dealing with the most current Your Voice priorities and we are making considerable progress.

Newport West has had a common theme where communities have asked the policing team to address anti-social behaviour through vehicles and off road bikes, the supply of controlled drugs and inconsiderate parking in the vicinity of local schools.

In each of these areas we have collaborated with partners in the community and Newport City Council. We certainly are more effective when we have community support, whether that is through intelligence passed to your CSO’s or helping with local initiatives.

We have held a number of action days across the wards focussing upon the issues which matter to you. These have been in partnership with the DVLA, HM Revenue and Customs, the UK Border Agency amongst others. This has resulted in over 15 vehicles being seized, having been used to cause anti-social behaviour.

We have made significant seizures in both cash from the proceeds of crime involving the supply of controlled drugs as well as significant quantities of these drugs, removing them from the community and the harm associated with their consumption.

We have also been quick to react to emerging trends. A recent example being the fire setting in Bettws ward. This type of behaviour presents a risk of harm to the community along with the fire service by youths throwing stones at them when extinguishing these fires.

Following a public appeal through the media and working with the fire service I have been able to raise awareness of the potential terrible consequences of this irresponsibility. A real investment in engagement and accessibility within the community seems to have helped reduce this problem.

As we prepare for the school term to commence, I would ask that everyone involved in taking their children to school act responsibly. I do not think there is any school which does not suffer from irresponsible parking, however it causes real angst amongst the community when people are blocked in or cannot access their own home. Please consider alternatives such as car sharing, pedal cycles, walking or taking the bus.

I hope everyone has enjoyed some form of summer break and we begin to think of Christmas!

Many thanks,

Inspector Blakemore

Source:: Gwent Police News

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