INSPECTOR'S BLOG: Monmouthshire North Inspector Arwel Hicks... January 2017

INSPECTOR’S BLOG: Happy New Year to every! So a New Year begins and that affords us time to reflect on the past year and look, with optimism, to the future. We can look to build on the positive action and relationships we have taken and developed, as well as embarking on new opportunities.

Reflecting on the year, it is promising to see that Monmouthshire, as a whole, saw reductions in both crime levels and anti-social behaviour (ASB). A 6.7% level reduction in reported crime and a 22.5% reduction in ASB were seen on the previous year. This must be taken in context and with the back drop of high levels of scrutiny surrounding crime recording and the reductions we saw last year! We shall not be complacent, but it is right to take pride in our achievements.

A special thanks must go to our Neighbourhood Policing Team, led by PS Dave Seymour, and our Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer, PC Mal John. Together with our Neighbourhood PCs and Community Support Officers they have risen to the challenge of dealing with nuisance neighbours and nuisance behaviour. We have had granted at court, Criminal Behaviour Orders that have seen a drastic reduction in calls, either from these individuals or those affected by them. Not only has this freed us up to concentrate on our key priorities, but given respite to those plagued by them. This includes the emergency services, especially the Ambulance Service and the local community. This approach is taken in consultation with our partners and allows appropriate diversion and intervention, to ensure a permanent solution and help, if accepted to the individuals, is achieved.

Our officers are also acting on the information received from the community. In one instance, information was received, a warrant obtained and carried out within two hours. This is the quick positive action I would like to see more of. It prevents frustration from within the community and allows us to gain a resolution and move on to the next issue.

This week saw a positive step towards the management of parking offences within Monmouthshire. A delegation of interested parties met and had a walk around Abergavenny ‘Hot Spots’ to get a feel for the issues and then a discussion was had. This will hopefully be working towards Monmouthshire County Council perhaps taking over responsibility for enforcement. Early days and small steps but positive nonetheless!

There will also be a change in a few faces within Monmouthshire North. We say goodbye to some and welcome others. PS Tola Munro will join us on the Response side of the house, and I welcome his experience and his operational diversity. Tola has been, like me, a Detective for a number of years and this will be an asset given the diverse nature of crime we encounter. We sadly say goodbye to PS Richens, PS Smith and PS Cadmore. They have really integrated well and brought a real breadth of skills to us. They move on to other challenges and I wish them all the best in the future.

Finally, I could not sign off without a ‘shout out’ to our ‘viral’ social media phenomena, PC Adam Hollings. For those that missed it, Adam used the @gpabergavenny twitter account to give a reality check to “Wannabe Gangsters” wishing to “flex” in our local Skate Park. Although, humorous it does illustrate an issue we are having and we are in a consultation phase with Monmouthshire County Council with regards the issuing of a Public Space Protection Order. More about that next time.

Stay safe.

Inspector Arwel Hicks

Source:: Gwent Police News

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