INSPECTOR'S BLOG: Newport East, Inspector Sarah Davies

I would like to start my first blog of 2017 by wishing you all a healthy and happy new year. Christmas has been and gone and I am extremely grateful to the officers who worked throughout the festive period away from their families to keep our community safe. Our team even had a visit from Father Christmas.
Your team will continue to focus on the “Your Voice” priorities that were selected last year. Anti-social behaviour across all the wards has been highlighted as an issue. I was pleased to note the decrease in reported anti-social behaviour incidents in the last quarter of the year. Within Maindee wards there was a decrease from 113 to 81 which is over 28% reduction and within Alway wards there was a decrease from 164 to 82 which was a 50% reduction.
I recently nominated your ward managers PC Cotton and PC Frame for a Local Policing Area Commendation. PC Frame and PC Cotton have worked very hard within Newport East to address both community and force priorities. They have requested and undertaken additional training to seize vehicles and administer drug wipe tests so that they can take positive action and visibly show the community that they are listening to their concerns.
Within the last few months they have executed over 20 positive drug warrants with custodial sentences ranging from 18 months to 4 years for both Class A and B drugs. 27 positive drug stop searches and 7 positive drug drive offences which have resulted in 2 year driving bans and fines.
They were both successful and received their award from ACC Ackland and Chief Inspector Richards.
Another “Your Voice” priority in five of our wards is speeding. Your team is committed to addressing this issue and mobile speed checks are being conducted by the team within the wards. This was highlighted as a concern this week within the local media. More speed operations are planned to continue to address this matter.
The neighbourhood team recently attended Somerton Primary School with our ‘Price Tag’ roadshow. We educated the children from years 3 to 6 on the effects of crime and their consequences. They were shown a damaged car and were asked if they could guess the cost of fixing damage, such as a smashed windscreen or dented body work. We also showed the children around one of our police cars and gave them the opportunity to try on some uniform, which was of course very popular!
We also gave an assembly, discussing other consequences of crime and anti- social behaviour such as throwing stones and damaging property belonging to others. The children also took part in a quiz and had the opportunity to win tickets to a Newport Gwent Dragons game. We will be rolling these sessions out across Newport East, with Milton Junior School next to take part and more exciting prizes such as tickets to the Energi trampoline park in Newport.
We really enjoyed engaging with the children and raising their awareness of the consequences of crime to both victims and offenders and the feedback from pupils, teachers and parents has been extremely positive.
Arson and fire crimes have increased in the area, usually these are refuse fires. However vehicles have been found on fire in the fields adjacent to Ringland Circle and Howe Circle. We are keen to reduce and stop these types of crime. Fire is extremely dangerous and we cannot emphasise enough the life changing injuries that playing with fire can cause. I would welcome any information that can be provided by our local community to identify offenders. I have organised an action group with our partners to address these issues and using partnership working to conduct action days to speak to the local community and attend areas where there have been an increase in arson offences.
Your Community Support Officers have recently begun the 2017 First Aid and Life Saving Skill lessons within the local primary schools. They have already been to Alway, Somerton, St Gabriels, Llanmartin, St Patricks, St Andrews schools. Lliswerry and Langstone are scheduled in the next few weeks.
The training, which is rolled out to pupils aged nine and ten was designed by St John Cymru and teaches skills such as calling for the emergency services, recovery position and CPR.
Stay tuned for my next blog…
Thanks all,
Inspector Davies

Source:: Gwent Police News

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