Jail for smash and grab raider, Helston

Police have welcomed the jailing of a 51-year-old man who carried out a brazen smash and grab raid at a Helston jewellers.

Steven Bennett, of St Peter’s Avenue, Aylesbury was sentenced by Truro Crown Court to five years in prison after pleading guilty to the burglary and a second burglary at a home in Helston.

The court heard that Bennett struck in broad daylight on 29 March, smashing the front display window of Wearne’s Jewellers in Meneage Street with a hammer.

He reached into the window and grabbed an £11,000 gold Rolex watch before running off and getting into his car to flee the scene.

Bennett also pleaded guilty to a burglary at a home in Ruan Minor two days earlier on 27 March. He smashed his way into the house using a rock from the garden but did not appear to steal anything.

A police investigation supported by information from the public and forensic evidence led to the arrest of Bennett on 5 April.

Detective Constable Martin Hearn, of Helston CID, said, “We welcome the sentencing of Bennett. The Helston offences were both committed in the daytime and caused anxiety for local people due to the nature of the crimes and the fact that he carried them out without any concern or fear.

“The Wearne’s break was in broad daylight; the public were enjoying a normal afternoon in Helston when Bennett used a hammer to smash a window and steal property. I would like to thank the members of the public who came forward and identified the suspect – this and forensic enquiries made a strong case against Bennett.

“In relation to the dwelling burglary, having your premises broken into in this manner has the potential to change your life forever. These type of offences violate your home and cause great upset. The sentence reflects how seriously the judge saw the results of what Bennett had done.”

Source:: Devon and Cornwall Police News

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