Jail for woman who asked pal to hide loaded gun in bedroom 

A woman persuaded a friend to hide a loaded revolver in her home − and shared WhatsApp “Lols” over whether her young children might stumble across it.

Shyan Wright, from Forrester Street, Walsall, asked the woman to store the handgun over a series of message exchanges back in May 2015.

The 23-year-old agreed to look after the pistol, plus a bag containing eight bullets, and was jailed for five years after West Midlands Police raided her Handsworth home just weeks later and recovered the weapon.

Examination of her phone revealed a flurry of WhatsApp exchanges between the pair on 12 May in which Wright said “I need a big favour…me and my baby father was wondering if you could hold onto a (gun emoji) for a bit. Ur only one I can trust.”

She encouraged her to help by wrongly suggesting “your yard ain’t hot” (that police had no interest in her home) and that it would only be for “a couple of weeks”.

Three days later Wright − using the WhatsApp username ‘ShyShy’ − asked where she’d stashed the illegal firearm. The woman confirmed “in Ma room” to which Wright responded “God forbid the children getting close…Lol.”

Detectives were unable to identify the person behind the ShyShy pseudonym until last year when a wider gun crime investigation uncovered intelligence on Wright.

Her home address was raided on the morning of 2 November when another phone was recovered that was shown to have been used in the WhatsApp conversation.

The 25-year-old initially denied sending the messages − but she went on to admit aiding and abetting possession of a firearm and at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday (June 12) jailed for five years.

pictured below is the gun that was recovered

Investigating officer, West Midlands Police Detective Constable Damian Forrest, said the case should act as a powerful deterrent to women asked to hold guns for gang members.

He added: “Girlfriends or wives of men linked to gang crime may be tempted to look after weapons out of misguided loyalty to partners.

“There is no excuse to tell police ‘it’s not mine’. These women have both found to their cost the catastrophic consequences of holding on to firearms for someone else…both have been handed long prison sentences and separated from their children and families.

“The case also highlights that West Midlands Police will pursue those involved in gun crime irrespective of the passing of time. Offenders need to understand that they could get a knock at the door from our officers at any time.”

The 23-year-old woman who agreed to hold the firearm was jailed for five years in September 2015.

Det Con Forrest, added: “She had children aged just two and three in the house. The messages ‘laughing out loud’ about what might happen if they found the loaded gun are truly shocking and sickening.

“Anyone who feels they are being coerced or bullied into holding a firearm for someone else can call us in confidence on the 101 number. We can help them.”

Source:: West Midlands Police News

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