Leicestershire Police praise motorists for safe overtaking

Leicestershire Police has praised motorists for overtaking cyclists safely on urban roads, following the successful end to its first Safe Pass campaign.

Officers took to the roads in Leicester and towns in Leicestershire and Rutland on Monday 10 July, to monitor dangerous overtaking but, by Friday (14) had only seen enough evidence to stop two motorists. Discussions were held with both about how to pass cyclists safely and no further action needed to be taken.

The week-long enforcement followed the launch of a short video showing motorists how to overtake cyclists (leaving 1.5 metres between the cyclist and the vehicle) in mid-May. On Monday, and for a few hours each day this week, police officers recorded motorists overtaking them using a camera attached to their bike.

Leicestershire Police Sergeant Dave Adams, who was leading the enforcement, said:

Generally motorists have been exceptionally well-behaved and, apart from the two very minor incidents at the start of the week, we haven’t needed to stop anybody else. We also watched motorists overtaking other cyclists and saw nothing to concern us.

“We have focused on urban roads this week and it may be a reflection of motorists being more cautious when driving in heavier traffic than some are using country roads. When we run the campaign again in future in rural areas, we could see quite a different picture. We will review the week in more detail to see if we can learn anything to help us in future.”

Tony Lenihan, Safe and Sustainable Travel Coordinator at Leicestershire County Council said:

“In the Safe and Sustainable Travel Team at Leics County Council we actively encourage initiatives designed to increase the levels of people cycling and walking. We know that the fear of unsafe overtaking is a major deterrent to people cycling so we were delighted to support Leicestershire Police in this Operation, by supplying the cameras used in the operation and training the police officer cyclists to an advanced level.”

The Safe Pass video will remain available on the force website

Source:: Leicestershire Police News

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