Multi-agency training exercise in Kingsteignton

A multi-agency exercise has taken place today [Sunday 16 September] to train emergency services in responding to search and rescue incidents.

The exercise, which ran throughout the afternoon and into the evening, was designed to encourage joint and collaborative working between key blue light services; who may be called to assist with these complex incidents.

The scenario simulated an incident where a hot air balloon had caught fire and crashed into a quarry leaving multiple victims with a range of injuries.

Police commanded the exercise along representatives from Mountain Rescue, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) from the ambulance service and Devon and Cornwall 4×4 response, who also took part.

Actors were brought in from Causalities Union to play the victims and were made up to replicate a number of injuries including burns and broken bones.

Details of the exercise were not shared publicly to allow partner agencies to respond spontaneously as they would in a real incident.

Similar training exercises are carried out in specialised areas throughout the year to train staff and build relationships through collaborative working.

Alliance Operations Commander, Chief Superintendent Glen Mayhew said: “What the team designed today was a replication of a potential scenario that emergency services could be called to.

We needed it to be as realistic as possible to allow the people taking part to really immerse themselves in the training.

This is a complex work environment, there’s a lot going on, a lot to think about. Training for Search and Rescue incidents is absolutely vital and exercises like this are a great opportunity to look at how each of the agencies work, and how we can work best together.

Source:: Devon and Cornwall Police News

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