New child abuse campaign launched

‘Child abuse. If you suspect it, report it’ is the message from West Midlands Police, as the summer holidays arrive and the daily eyes of teaching professionals are off children until September.

Launched at the beginning of the school holidays, the aim of the campaign is to speak to people who may have worries about a child but may not want to report them for fear of interfering or becoming involved in someone else’s business.

Heading the campaign is a video following the life of a couple who suspect something is not right next door.

Although easy to ignore as the problem is next door, the niggling feeling that something bad is happening follows them round and plays on their mind. Ultimately they decide to do nothing, with disastrous consequences for the little boy who is their neighbour.

Supported by social media images, a radio advert which can be heard on Heart FM in August, and A frame trailers that will be situated in parks across the West Midlands, it encourages people who have suspicions or doubts that a child they know, or are believe could be in danger, to call 101.

Detective Inspector Julie Woods, from the Force’s Public Protection Unit, said: “We’ve launched this campaign to raise awareness of child abuse and encourage the public to take action and call the police if they think a child is being subjected to any kind of abuse.

“As the video shows, it can be easy to ignore something that isn’t directly happening to or affecting you, but for that child who is in danger you may be the only person who can help them by alerting us.

“All information will be treated in strict confidence so we urge anyone who has genuine worries about the welfare of a child to call us on 101, or 999 in an emergency.”

Source:: West Midlands Police News

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