Officers in Newport are cracking down on anti-social cyclists in the city centre.

Over the next few weeks officers will be enforcing a traffic order to prohibit cycling through the city centre of Newport.

It follows recent reports of a number of incidents of those causing a danger to pedestrians during busy times.

In particular Gwent Police have received calls from local businesses and residents who have noticed groups of people cycling through the city centre anti-socially.

For example some cyclists are pulling what’s known as a wheelie, swerving in and out of people and causing a nuisance to businesses and shoppers going about their daily business.

Officers will now be handing out warning letters to cyclist in the city centre, in order to educate them and warn them of subsequent enforcements they face.

Details will also be taken of those who are issued with the warnings to avoid repeat offenders.

Following this educational period, officers will then move on to the next stage and start issuing fixed penalties to those seen cycling through the busy city centre.

Source:: Gwent Police News

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