PC Tom Cane scoops award for Intelligent Digital Techniques

Yesterday, PC Tom Cane of Leicestershire Police’s Digital Hub has pipped competitors from across the globe to take home an award at the Digital Intelligence and Intelligence Awards (IDII) for Intelligent Use of Digital Forensic Triage Techniques.

Tom and colleagues identified gaps in how the force was examining mobile devices and as a result of this conducted a review of products on the market to find software and a supplier which could support a preferred way of working and make examining mobile devices more efficient.

Previously, mobile phone examination was a niche skillset that only a small number of specially trained officers could perform. This small group of officers were based at stations throughout the county, however, as demand increased, the need for mobile phone examinations outstripped the resources available and put strain on current procedures.
The new software was implemented initially in July 2017 and saw more than 300 officers trained to effectively examine mobile phones, a 90% increase from the previous system.

A major consideration for the project was improving how digital materials taken from examinations were stored. Prior to the new system, evidence would be stored on physical digital drives which required manual transportation and expense for storage solutions.

Thanks to Tom and former Leicestershire Police staff member, Saqib Shabbir, results can now be uploaded to a central location and accessed by officers via a new user-friendly interface. The interface has been developed to allow any individual with the relevant training to access significant digital materials from any force computer, no matter where they are, allowing officers to work agilely and share information quickly across departments.

PC Tom Cane said: “It’s great to be recognised for a lot of time and effort that has gone into the project. This has been a real team contribution, without their help this wouldn’t have been possible.

“It’s nice that our force is empowering staff to find new and innovative ways of working. The 300 people who are using these kiosks have provided positive feedback, and we’d like them to continue to share their opinions so that we can look at improving and making our systems more efficient.”

Source:: Leicestershire Police News

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