Police and partners tackle Dartmoor driving offences

On Saturday 24 June, a large scale Special Constabulary led policing operation took place on Dartmoor National Park to help combat the causes of fatal and serious injury collisions, to help promote road safety by delivering ‘The Honest Truth’ campaign, and to proactively disrupt criminality.

As part of the Operational Alliance with Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Police with support from Dartmoor National Park, Trading Standards, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, and HMRC Road Fuels Team have conducted Operation Granite to combat the ‘fatal five’ which is excess speed, distraction, not wearing seatbelts, careless and inconsiderate driving, and impairment whether through drink or drugs.

Chief Superintendent Andy Turner from the Special Constabulary, said: “With support from the Dartmoor National Park Ranger, our resources, including members of the Safety Camera Partnership, were across Dartmoor to directly combat road offences in the area. We are here to stop and process vehicle users, both drivers and passengers who are breaking the law on our roads. All speeding misdemeanours will be enforced and could see those who break the law in court.

“There is also a number of incidents within Dartmoor National Park where vehicles collide with livestock and we believe many of these could be avoided, so we are also here to educate drivers and encourage safe and slower driving throughout this picturesque area that attracts so many visitors throughout the year.”

Results from the Operation:

  • One vehicle was seized
  • 201 vehicles were stopped or detected during the operation
  • 50 drivers were reported for offences
  • 66 verbal warnings were given including relevant education
  • HMRC dipped the fuel tanks of 73 vehicles.
  • The highest speed detected in 40mph was 57mph

During the operation, drivers were reported for the following offences:

  • One Driving Offence (Due Care/Dangerous Driving)
  • Five for exceeding 30mph Speed Limit
  • 28 for exceeding 40mph Speed Limit
  • Two for using a vehicle with no motor insurance,
  • One for driving otherwise than in accordance with Driving Licence,
  • Six for Construction and Use Offences
  • Three for not having a valid MOT
  • One Fail to stop 4 S59 warning notices for Off Roading

During the operation drivers were educated and given verbal warnings for the following:

  • 60 warnings for Excess Speed
  • Three given verbal warning and road safety simulator
  • Two warnings for vehicle lighting 1 warning for due care

To help educate the public on the dangers of speeding and unsafe driving practices, the Princetown visitor centre was also used to host stands from a number of partners including ‘The Honest Truth’ Road Safety campaign, plus a driving simulator to help educate the public on the dangers of excess speed.

Chief Supt Turner, continued: “Operation Granite has proved itself to be a very effective tool for improving road safety. It also gives us the opportunity to educate road users about unacceptable driving behaviours.”

Source:: Devon and Cornwall Police News

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