Police and Royal Navy Police working together on investigations

Devon and Cornwall Police and the Royal Navy Police (RNP) are working together in a collaborative project to help improve skills of personnel and develop the long-term relationship of the two organisations.

The agreement has seen officers from the RNP Special Investigations Branch (SIB) be seconded to CID in Falmouth and Plymouth to support the teams there.

The idea is that the secondment benefits both organisations, with RNP SIB personnel gaining a broader knowledge of investigation, while managing competing demands, as well as developing contacts and relationships to improve their investigations.

While RNP Investigators deal with serious and complex crimes worldwide, they do not have the same volume that is dealt with by police officers, so they can benefit from exposure to a different environment, which will broaden their experience.

And with the skills that they have, they are expected to take an active role in the investigations that they are part of.

Devon and Cornwall Police will benefit from an extra team member and the skills they bring but will also develop contacts to aid future relationships.

Each secondment lasts for three months and the first ones has already been concluded, with both parties saying how well they have worked.

Petty Officer (Police) Ross McDowall was based in Falmouth and worked on several investigations within west Cornwall, and enjoyed his experience with the police, while the CID team said they would be happy to have him back at any time.

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Marie Ward said: “We are pleased to welcome officers from the RNP SIB into our local investigation teams.

“The collaboration enables us to have a greater understanding of investigation techniques and builds positive relationships.”

Lieutenant Commander Chris Riley RN, Officer Commanding the Royal Navy Police Special Investigations Branch said: “The RNP SIB are grateful for the opportunity to undertake secondments with Devon and Cornwall Police.

“The secondments have proven hugely beneficial in further developing vital policing skills, whilst also improving the relationship between the two forces. We look forward to working with our police colleagues in the future.” 

Future secondments are due to be based in Plymouth, with a review to be carried out after each one to continue to improve the benefits for both organisations.

Source:: Devon and Cornwall Police News

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