Police celebrate 50 year anniversary with time capsule burial

Today, Friday 30 June 2017, Devon and Cornwall Police marked an end to their 50 year anniversary celebrations by burying a time capsule which will remain underground for 50 years.

The time capsule was in aid of the Force’s 50 year anniversary following its amalgamation in 1967 when Plymouth Constabulary, Devon Constabulary and Cornwall Constabulary came together to form Devon and Cornwall Police.

The ceremony took place around the flagpole at Police Headquarters at Middlemoor in Exeter, and contained materials ranging from a police choir record to this week’s regional newspapers, all representing a snapshot of life to be unearthed in 2067.

In a speech, Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer said: “We don’t reside in history, we refer to it. You make history every day in what you. I thank you all for coming from the bottom of my heart.

“If you look at any opinion poll, Devon and Cornwall Police stand out as number one as respected by the public, and that is hard earned. Hard earned by the previous generation and by this generation.

“In 50 years’ time who knows where the Force will be, but if its values are still about fairness, respect, pride, courage and compassion then we won’t go too far wrong because that is what our Force is about today.”

The Chief Constable, along with the Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez, laid the first piece of turf over the capsule before its burial, which was witnessed by officers and staff both past and present.

Granite was then moved from a previous spot on HQ to the burial site and three heathers were planted all representing three counties and our Force Alliance; Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. This was then topped with a plaque which read ‘Honouring our heritage, inspiring our future.’

The capsule was full of police memorabilia symbolising the transition from old to new and included the following items:

  • Devon and Cornwall Chief Constable’s Annual Report 25 years
  • Old photos from 50th anniversary
  • Covert Human Intel Sources & Covert Surveillance and property Interface booklets
  • Exeter Police and Community Choir sound recording, programme and photo
  • Also “Sounds Arresting” Devon and Cornwall Police Choir record (Ian Drummond-Smith find)
  • Old Chaplain epaulette and bible
  • Exeter East & Mid Devon Awards Poster 2016
  • Photos from previous blue light days/LGBT
  • Current Helo Poster with capabilities
  • Current and previous photos of vehicles used in policing
  • Policing demand poster 2017
  • 100 years of women in policing poster
  • SC Superintendent’s Operational & Performance Stats- East Corn LPA
  • Old photos provided by Helen Huxham
  • Letters from Police Cadets, including PCSO Ashley Fuller 30640, Falmouth cadets, Liskeard Police cadets, Newton Abbot Police cadets, high sheriff cadet, Launceston police cadets, Exeter east & mid cadets, bag, booklet, badge, progress folder, photos
  • Student Officer letters to the future (saved in folder to be printed)
  • Accounts from dog handlers and individual photos
  • Dashboard print off (on the day!) numbers of staff/officers in force 30 June 2017, stats of minorities
  • Women’s network leaflet and badge, coasters
  • Visit form
  • “Policing our Future” 2017-2021 (Starring Paul Davies)
  • Unison leaflet, rosette and lanyard
  • TRiM- Trauma Risk Management
  • Two cards with winning photo entries from Toby Davies- staff were asked to take photos of north and west locations so the best chosen could be put up on station walls
  • 51302 pocket Notebook
  • Annual Equality report 2015
  • Newspaper report of Andy Hocking’s death and some of Andy’s very funny accounts
  • 5961 Iain Jeffery epaulettes
  • Strategic Alliance lanyard
  • LGBT mug, badge, pen
  • Mobile data device- mobile phone issued to serving officers
  • Previous style radio
  • College House memorabilia- bronze bust, cuff links, tie pin, candle holder and paper weight
  • Equality and Diversity- Blue light day leaflet, fraud leaflet, car air freshener, BSL DVD, Hate crime diary, hate crime reporting, policing with pride coaster, pen
  • History of Devon and Cornwall Police by Mark Rothwell book
  • Copy of local and regional newspapers Western Morning News, Express and Echo, and The Cornishman.

Source:: Devon and Cornwall Police News

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