Police launch Safer Summer campaign

A campaign to ensure that the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland stay safe during the summer months is being launched by Leicestershire Police tomorrow (Saturday 1 July).

The force will be publishing social media messages on a different theme each day to help prevent crime and antisocial behaviour during the summer.

Messages will focus on five key areas to help protect you, your property and your possessions. These topics are online safety, burglary, personal safety, vehicle crime and antisocial and nuisance behaviour.

Superintendent Shane O’Neill, Neighbourhood Policing Lead at Leicestershire Police said:

“During the summer months, people tend to wind down and can become a bit more relaxed with their security measures and may be less vigilant. The aim of the Safer Summer campaign is to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer. By taking a few simple steps you can to help to protect yourself and your property.

“I would like people to think about their actions and the impact that it can have on others. We want everyone to enjoy their summer and by following our Safer Summer advice we hope that the summer months are safe and happy.

“Look out for our messages throughout July and August, and share them with your friends and relatives. We will be promoting these through our social media accounts with the #SaferSummer and at local community events.”

The Antisocial Behaviour Delivery Group, which is made up of Leicester City, Leicestershire County and Rutland County Councils, the police and Leicestershire’s seven district authorities are supporting the campaign.
Leicestershire Police is giving the following Safer Summer advice:

At home
– lock your doors and windows when you go out
– remove keys from locks and keep them out of sight
– don’t leave gardening tools out overnight. They could be stolen or used to break into your house

Going away
– use a light timer to give the impression that someone is home
– don’t promote that there is nobody home on social media
– ask a relative or neighbour to check in on your property and remove post regularly

– use strong passwords including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols
– update your software and anti-virus as soon as a new version becomes available
– be suspicious of offers and deals. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is
– always log in to websites directly rather than through a link in an email

Out and about
– know your limits. Don’t drink too much and look out for your friends
– cover up jewellery with a scarf or clothing
– be aware of your surroundings. If you feel unsafe change direction
– be respectful. Think of the impact that your behaviour could have on others

On the road
– don’t drink or take drugs and drive. If you are planning to drink, get a taxi home
– don’t use your mobile while driving
– don’t leave belongings on display in your vehicle

For more information visit our Safer Summer page or follow #SaferSummer on our social media accounts.
For details of events in your communities throughout the summer visit our events page.

Source:: Leicestershire Police News

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