Police to go 'Facebook LIVE' in the air this Thursday

We’re going #WMPLive again next Thursday (6 July) to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we work with the National Police Air Service (NPAS) who operate all of the police helicopters across England and Wales. From a network of 15 national airbases, NPAS send the nearest available aircraft in response to the needs of police forces. Through this borderless network, they are able to reach 92% of UK locations within 20 minutes.

Using Facebook Live we’ll give you an idea of how we work with NPAS to find missing people and track offenders using high tech equipment on board the helicopter such as the camera / thermal imaging system, mission management systems, Nitesun search light and more. We’ll also give you an insight into some of the other exciting work we do together such as public order, photographic tasks and more.

We will tour the helicopter live in the air and be speaking with the pilot as we answer your questions.

You control what you see in the air as we film LIVE 1500 feet up in the air using 360 camera technology.

The live broadcasts will begin at around 7pm on Thursday and will continue throughout the evening.

Once again we’ll be inviting your questions during the live streams and will answer as many as possible.

Our last Facebook Live events have received hundreds of thousands of views and we’re looking forward to giving you another chance to find out how we work around the clock to keep you safe.

Source:: West Midlands Police News

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