Police Volunteer awarded OBE in Queen's Birthday Honours

A Police Support Volunteer has been awarded an OBE for his services to volunteering in Leicestershire.

Jeremy Collingridge, 71, is one of the force’s longest-serving volunteers and has dedicated nearly 20 years to helping prevent crime in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

He said: “When I saw a letter from the Cabinet Office I was very surprised, it certainly got my attention. I was absolutely delighted to discover that it was an official OBE notification, and it immediately bought back many happy memories of working with fellow police volunteers in the community.”

In the last 12 months alone, Jeremy, who is from Narborough, has contributed 550 hours to the force, planning and delivering crime prevention practises across the county.

Recently he created a complete programme around ‘Home Security Visits’, to prevent burglaries in areas that have previously been targeted. Since October, more than 20 police support volunteers have completed his training and can confidently carry out their own visits.

He’s also produced a presentation on the security of allotments, which was well received by the National Allotments Society and is available to read on their website.

Jeremy added: “It is a privilege to work alongside the excellent uniformed officers and staff of Leicestershire Police to show them that the community cares, supports and values their work.

“I get extraordinary satisfaction from making the community safer, and through the work I carry out, I hope to reduce crime, and the fear of crime.”

Emma Corns, Manager for Volunteers in Policing, said: “I’m extremely proud of Jeremy’s achievements. He’s passionate about making a difference and always has a potential victim in mind when devising a solution to crimes. I’m so pleased that he will be receiving this honour. ”

Following a spate of incidents in 2012, Jeremy led a team of volunteers to produce guidance for churchwardens on how to protect their churches from lead theft. The document proved successful and has been widely shared with churches across the force area.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Lord Willy Bach, congratulated Jeremy on his achievement and thanked him for his years of dedication to the force.

Chief Constable Simon Cole also passed on his congratulations, and said: “Jeremy has worked tirelessly, and innovatively, as a volunteer supporting Leicestershire Police. He and the team have won national awards, and we are thrilled to see him add the OBE to his recent Leicestershire Police Lifetime Achievement Award. He thoroughly deserves his success!”

Jeremy recently won two awards at the force’s annual Volunteers in Policing Awards Night, the PSV Innovation Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Leicestershire Police is currently recruiting police support volunteers. Please visit our website to view our vacancies and apply online, and find out if you could join Jeremy and the team.

Source:: Leicestershire Police News

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