Police warning as bike louts sent to youth offenders institute

Two bike louts caused traffic chaos as they performed stunts on a busy Solihull road – and left a woman with a broken foot when one lost control and careered into her.

Sejjad Al-Ghabban (20, pic left) and 18-year-old Mostafa Yazdani appeared in court today (Mon 19 Dec) and were both sent to a youth offenders’ institute.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how the pair brought traffic to a standstill as they raced each other and darted between vehicles in Station Road, Dorridge, on 10 July.

Witnesses describe seeing Al-Ghabban pull a wheelie over a distance of about 100-metres before Yazdani’s attempt to follow suit ended in embarrassment as he veered into the kerb and toppled off.

Several motorists went to remonstrate with the pair over their reckless riding and when Al-Ghabban, from Augusta Road in Acocks Green, revved the engine on his Honda scrambler he lost control and ran over a woman’s foot.

The lady required hospital treatment and was forced to take several days off work.

Al-Ghabban sped off but was arrested by West Midlands Police officers nearby while members of the public detained Yazdani, from Stratford Road, at the scene.

Both went on to admit dangerous driving and at Birmingham Crown Court today they were sent to a youth offenders’ institute for eight months and handed driving bans of two years and four months.

Solihull Police Chief Inspector Jack Hadley, said: “It’s believed Al-Ghabban revved the engine in a bid to intimidate the people who’d approached him…but it resulted in him losing control of the bike and colliding with a member of the public.

“Anyone who rides recklessly on our roads, showing disregard for communities and endangering other road users, runs the risk of being taken to court and hit with a hefty fine, a community order and a driving ban. But as this case proves, offenders could also lose their liberty.

“Yazdani had no past convictions but he has now blighted his previous good character with a criminal record. People need to think long and hard about the potential consequences of riding in this manner on public roads.”

Earlier this month, West Midlands Police arrested 25 people and seized 27 bikes in a three-day blitz on people suspected of involvement in lawless bike rallies.

Both Al-Ghabban and Yazdano must both pass extended driving tests in order to recover their licences.

Source:: West Midlands Police News

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