Residents urged to be vigilant – don’t answer door to strangers

Officers are urging residents in the city to be vigilant after three distraction burglaries were reported in the same afternoon.

Three reports of distraction burglaries were made within three hours yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 18 July), all within two miles of each other.

The first report was made at 2.15pm, following a man knocking at the victim’s door in Dorothy Road, Glen Parva at around 2pm. He claimed to be collecting money for charity, asking the victim for money before requesting a glass of water.

He went into the kitchen and after he left, the victim, an 80-year-old woman for her purse was missing.

The purse was found shortly after, with the money gone, on nearby Leicester Road.

Another report was made to police at 5pm, telling us man went to an address on Pasley Road, Leicester at around 3.30pm. The suspect claimed to be from a charity and asked to use the toilet. He went upstairs and when he had left the property, the victim found some items of jewellery were missing.

We were called just before 5.30pm about a similar incident in Asquith Boulevard, Leicester. A man knocked on the 89-year-old man’s door, asking for money for Children in Need, at about 3pm that afternoon. The victim said he had no money, but the suspect was insistent and entered the house, going into the bedroom and looking in the fridge.

In all cases, the suspect was described as white with a large black beard and moustache. The victim at Dorothy Road described that the man was six foot tall wearing shorts and a dark coloured t-shirt.

Officers would like to hear from anyone who may have been approached in the same way yesterday afternoon – or at any point in the last few weeks.

If anyone has any information that may help officers identify the person responsible for these burglaries, please contact us on 101. Did you see someone matching this description in the area? Can you help officers with their enquiries?

Call 101, asking to speak to DC 1428 Kat Maguire quoting incident number 351 of 18 July.

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Source:: Leicestershire Police News

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