Statement from Devon and Cornwall Police: Crime figures for 2016 shows year-on-year rise

Police have seen a rise in recorded crime in 2016 compared to 2015 figures. There were 81,949 total recorded crimes for 2016 compared to 77,465 in 2015, a rise of 4,484 crimes or 5.8%

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Netherton, said: “Crime figures only represent a minor part of what we as a police force actually do; around 80% of our business in non-crime related.

“We have one of the highest levels of public confidence of any force across the country, and this means that people feel supported and confident that we will take their crime seriously. The upshot of this confidence from our public, is that we will see a rise in the reporting of certain crime types.

“We have worked hard as a Force to improve our response in a number of key crime areas such as rape, sexual offences, modern slavery and domestic violence.

“In recent years we have seen a huge rise in both current and historic reporting in these areas, and I am encouraged that victims are finding the courage to come forward and reach out to us knowing that that they will be supported.

“No victim should suffer in silence, and Devon and Cornwall Police will continue to work hard to support these people and to give a voice to each and every one of them, regardless if this sees a rise in our crime figures.

“There has also been a number of new laws introduced which will see a rise in crime figures for all forces across the country, not just in Devon and Cornwall. An example of this is the introduction of the Malicious Communications Act, which is responsible for just under half of the increase in total recorded crime in 2016 in Devon and Cornwall, and sits within our ‘Violence Without Injury’ crime group on our figures.

“Examples of new crimes that fall within this act include abusive and threatening messages sent via social media, phone calls that the victim perceives as threatening in their nature, and even an abusive note left on the windshield of a car for parking in-front of someone’s house.

“We will later today have a clearer idea of where we as a Force sits nationally once the Office of National Statistics (ONS) release their national crime data, however I am confident that not only are my staff and officers working hard to protect and serve the public of Devon and Cornwall, but that this part of the UK continues to remain a safe place to live, work, and visit, and that the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime is still very low.”

Crime figures for the Force are released on our website and can be found at

Our annual crime figures report for 2016 can be found at .

Source:: Devon and Cornwall Police News

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