Thank you from a happy neighbour

Local officers and partnerships receive a letter of thanks from a happy neighbour

Worth the struggle and Thank you?

Sitting in my study currently and looking out over the car park on Coventry Road, Lutterworth, it is pleasing to see the car park being used by “genuine” park/car park users, as opposed to youths causing all kinds of nuisance and problems. This must be the longest spell without any form of anti-social behaviour since I moved to Coventry Road. Experience of the last few years suggested it felt almost like a no go area for people wishing to use the car park facilities at this time of evening! I have even seen dog walkers and others using the park/car park during the hours of darkness now. It feels as though the facilities have been repossessed by the general public.

So, and I hope I am not tempting fate, it is perhaps time to say well done and thanks for everyone involved in turning this situation around. Long may the peace continue. And perhaps special thanks to Alberto Costa for calling interested parties to meet from which I think real progress was made.

Source:: Leicestershire Police News

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