Torfaen Inspector's Blog - 23rd January 2017

The start of 2017 has been quite frustrating. We have been aware of a crime pattern taking place in the Croesyceiliog area of Cwmbran. Cars have been broken into as well as sheds and garages. We have arrested and charged one man in connection with some of these offences and he been remanded to Court.
It’s not just the Croesyceiliog area that has seen an increase in shed and garage burglaries to though. This is an issue that is being reported across all of Torfaen. Please consider what you store in your shed, especially if they are high value items. Also, think about how you can make your shed more secure; lighting/ good quality padlocks. You can also buy a shed alarm that emits a very high pitched loud sirens if activated. I accept that many sheds are in isolated areas, but there is certainly more that can be done by owners to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime.
Anti-social behaviour in Blaenavon has increased, particularly in the Lion Street and Broad Street areas. Some of the calls we’ve received relate to children playing football in an inappropriate location. Damage has been caused to property and my Neighbourhood Team has been on foot patrol in the evenings in order to reduce this issue. I’m not excusing the behaviour of some of the children, but it is important that there is somewhere for them to feel safe that is lit where they can play football in the evening. My team and I will continue to liaise with our partners to seek a long term solution to this issue.
In August 2016, a burglary occurred in the Cwmbran area. Following a very detailed investigation by colleagues from the CID, two men pleaded guilty at a recent court hearing. The incident was quite nasty and violence was threatened against the victim. Ryan Gerrish received a six year prison sentence and Lloyd Jeremiah three years.
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Whilst I have reported on an offence that might cause concern, it is important to understand that offences such as these are very rare. The length of the sentence provided provides some context. Torfaen remains a safe place to live and violent offences such as this are few and far between.
Gwent Now continues to be a success. I have noted that 9529 people in the Torfaen area are now signed up. I want to increase this number as it is a useful for us to be able to advise specific communities, even down to street level of specific issues that we believe people need to know about. If you haven’t signed up, please do so by visiting:
In the meantime many of my officers are now ‘tweeting’ and you can read of their work via @gpcwmbran and @gppontypool.
David Morgan

Source:: Gwent Police News

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