Winter advice to drivers

Police are encouraging motorists to check the condition of their vehicles to ensure they are ready for winter.

Inspector Richard McLellan from the Alliance Roads Policing tem said: “Drivers must take responsibility not only for their vehicles, but for themselves and their passengers. Leave adequate space from the car in front – wet and icy roads increase the distances it takes to stop.

“Beware of icy conditions particularly during early mornings – please ensure your car is properly defrosted before setting off on your journey. Road conditions can change dramatically in the winter months, from being dry and in the sunshine to icy and in the shade.

“This is an even greater hazard at the beginning of the day when a road has had little traffic.”

Basic checks are necessary on things such as tyres. Drivers must make sure there is plenty of tread to displace water – too little can lead to a car becoming unstable on wet roads. Tyres need to be properly inflated.

If not, it can increase fuel consumption and affect a vehicle’s handling when being driven on the road.

Source:: Devon and Cornwall Police News

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