Woman defrauded 91-year-old

A 42-year-old former care home manager, has been given a 21-month prison sentence at Truro Crown Court, for offences that took place at the care home she was managing.

Lisa Thomas of Landreath Place, St Blazey, Par, Cornwall, appeared before Truro Crown Court on Tuesday 20 June, where she was found guilty of taking money in the form of cheques from a 91-year-old resident, gave the wrong medication, and misled her staff about the administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Thomas pleaded guilty to the charges of:

Wilfully neglect a person without capacity (Mental Health Act 2005)

  • Administer medicinal product when not an appropriate practitioner

  • 7 x Fraud by abuse of position (Fraud Act 2006)

The jury were told that the offences were revealed when Paramedics were called to Ismeer home, in Gorran Haven, St Austell on 28 December 2015. Paramedics alerted Police to their concerns around the lack of immediate first aid and lack of CPR given to a resident who sadly died.

The police investigation revealed that the manager at the home, Lisa Thomas had instructed all staff that CPR was NOT to be performed on residents, despite a written policy contradicting this. On 28 December, it was not thought that CPR would have assisted the resident in question, 84-year-old Pam Barrett, however, the practice was clearly neglectful and dangerous.

The police investigation also revealed that Thomas had been stealing cheques from a resident, to a value of over £7000, and had also been administering medicines to residents that were not prescribed to them, using other people’s medicines as she saw fit.

Following sentencing, Detective Inspector Richard Nettleship from the Public Protection Unit of Devon and Cornwall Police, said:

“This is an important case for us.

“Standards of care in residential settings should be of the highest quality. We work with partners who engage with homes who are trying hard to attain these standards, and will help them to achieve them, however where criminality is suspected, we will step in.

“These are emotive and lengthy investigations due to the complex nature of the types of the enquiries that need to be carried out. We hope the family can find some comfort in the fact that justice has been served.

“In this case Lisa Thomas prioritised her own self-interest and greed ahead of the safety of the people she was charged with protecting.

“As she starts her custodial sentence, I hope this sends out a message to all residential settings, that where Police find evidence of wilful neglect or dishonesty, we will pursue a criminal conviction.”

Source:: Devon and Cornwall Police News

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